Remember to print your digital pictures – put them in an album and years down the road you’ll still have a copy. These photos came from my old photo album.

The early years…


The family 1973

Marg-Bill in NY

Mom and Bill in New York City 1961. . . FYI this is my most recent visit to the Big Apple


kellett PhotoKellett Photo, Dad’s first store located in the Riverside Shopping Centre – 108 Ave & 148 St, Surrey BC.  The anchor store was Hamilton Harvey and Dad worked there for 5 years prior to this store.

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The view from my driveway. Use your mouse to look left and right – use you mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out.

Home is where the house is in Canada

The later years… (coming soon)

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  1. Bill says:

    This is very nice set of pictures.

  2. Susan Iseli says:

    A beautiful compilation of yester year….what happened to us all?

  3. Susan Iseli says:

    Where did all the years go? Thank-you for posting these!

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